IPlease see below a list of the most popular questions we are asked... If you dont see your question listed please send us an email via the contacts page or give us a call on 0151 630 5554


1.   Do we sell our Helium quality balloons loose unfilled – Yes - plain 50p + printed -65p
2.   Do we fill your own balloons ?- yes 80p each latex. BUT we need to confirm they are 11”/12” and 'helium quality'

      balloons.For this price we will treat them with a special gel to extend the float time + attach a ribbon. We can also fill foils to but

      the price depends on the size of balloon.Contact us and we ll give you a price.
3.   Do we hire out bottles of helium?– Yes but only to corporate clients or those happy to pay a £100.00 deposit
, fully 

      refundable upon return of the bottle.We can fill your own balloons if required – Please referr to No 2 above

4.   Do we deliver?-  yes, no problem at all, for a small charge. (unless you re having a package with foc delivery - £3 to 


      Brighton/Wallasey village / £5.00 to Moreton, birkenhead, arrowepark £7.50 to West kirby Hoylake / caldy / Heswall/ 

      Bromborough / £12 to Liverool + Chester is £15.00

5.   Do we deliver on a sunday ?- Yes for a charge as above and subject to a minimum order of £50.00, or you can collect or 

      have the balloons delivered on Saturday night however as we treat them to extend the float time.
6.   How long do the balloons last? - Foils last for ages...18” about a week Larger Foils up to several weeks – the more helium

      the longer the float time. Latex – Normal float time is approx 10 hrs but we pre treat all balloons 24hrs before inflation to

      extend the float time.Balloons are always at their best on the day but will last several days in optimum conditions (ie no

      extremes of temperature) This is great for a wedding or all day party as balloons will not start to come down before the party

      ends as is so often the case with other company’s balloons. Great for kids parties as balloons often last for days and keep the

      kids amused long after the party has ended. Brilliant for sunday parties as they can be collected on the saturday.
7.   Do we sell large Bows ? - Yes - Pull bows available in most colours £1.30.  
8.   Do we sell packs of single colour plain balloons? - no, we sell good quality pearlised coloured balloons individually (to

      match our helium quality ones) so customers have as few or as many as they want in any colour.
9.   Can we do a complete theme party such as wild west / pirate / cartoon or film carachter ?...-Yes – Please fill out

      our form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or give us a call.                                       
10What do we have with significant ages on? – gifts / foil balloons /Glasses/18 & 21 keys /Also - Foil +

      latex balloons/ tableware/ foil centerpieces/ + Banners/ balloons for air /confetti etc. Best thing to do is pop in !

11Can we order balloons even though it's next year or the year after? – Yes of course – we love organised cusomers!

      Simply fill out the form on the ‘Contact us’ page or give us a call.
12Do you do those GIANT Personalised Photograaphic Banners ? – Yes – £25.00 each, either a vinyl covered banner or the

      same banner in paper with 6 srip banners and a window poster for the same price.
13. Do you do discounted Balloon Party Packages... Yes several.. see our Party Packgages page. If what you see doesn't suit

      we can tailor make a package for you no problem at all....